Reevaluate your associations

Free yourself from negative people.
Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and like -minded.
Relationships should help you, not hurt you.
Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be.
Choose friends who you are proud to know, people who you admire, who love and respect you.
People who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it

 ”We’re just not compatible with most people in terms of interests, values, what they’re looking for in a friendship, availability, and a dozen of other things”.
Take time to examine your friends, are those bosom buddies of yours share the same set of chromosomes as you?
Distinguish the casual friends from the close…
Learn to separate casual friends from close friends by doing what is called ‘Friends Inventory”’
(I’m In A Situation Where The Usual Standards For Friendship Progression Don’t Apply.)

”If you’re making an effort to become better friends with someone, and you get the sense you’re putting more energy into it than they are, consider backing off and adjust your expectations”.


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